About Us

Welcome to MDI-CARBONFIBER.COM, we are a fully pledged supplier for CARBON FIBER AFTERMARKET PARTS for most American, Italian, Japanese and other European motorcycles.

 Started in 2004 as a small business, the company imported carbon fiber parts for cars, bicycles, and motorcycles, and then invested in overseas production for carbon fiber parts.

In 2005 and 2006, there was a worldwide carbon fiber shortage; because of this the business had to close down its production facilities. Once the carbon fiber was back on the market in 2008, the company decided to come back and to recover its business.

With multiple locations responsible for the design and technical aspects of the business, also act as consultants and manufacturers for other companies both in and out of the motorcycle industry. 

The enthusiasm of the team behind MDI Performance, all share a passion for carbon fiber parts.


Today, MDI Performance is United State’s leading supplier of carbon fiber products for motorcycles.