Frequently Asked Questions

Do all products have the same CF pattern? 
-- Most of our stock products are GLOSSY and have the PLAIN Weave. However, customers can choose to have either the GLOSSY or MATTE finish & the PLAIN or TWILL finish. Choosing either Matte or Twill will incur a shipping delay of 3-4 Weeks if the item is out of stock. Click here for more information 

What materials are used to build your products? 
-- All products are made from 3K carbon fiber material (imported from Japan), fiberglass and epoxy Resin. 

Are your products protected against yellowing?
-- There is UV protection in order to prevent yellowing and aging.   

Compared to other manufacturers, are you products lighter?
-- Our products are all extremely lightweight and very beautiful. Lighter than the same level carbon fiber products from other manufacturers and made with a wet layering process.  

Are all your carbon fiber holes predrilled?
-- All holes are predrilled and the products come with mounting tabs.  

What processes do you use in building your products?
-- We use an Infusion process for the larger sized parts and a Vacuum Bagging process for the smaller sized products.  

What is the Infusion process? 
-- The Infusion process ensures the highest fiber content and the most complete suspension possible for the highest quality product, in terms of strength and consistency. The products typically have great finishes and require less machining than products produced with other forming methods.    

What is the Vacuum Bagging process?
-- The Vacuum Bagging process optimizes the fiber-resin ratio in the composite part. These advantages have enabled the aerospace, the boat building, and the racing industries to maximize the physical properties of advanced composite materials such as graphite (carbon), aramid, and epoxy. This in turn helps to minimize any voids (e.g. bubbles and wrinkles) in the buildup of layers.  

Do you combine shipping?
--We can combine shipping from multiple orders or orders with multiple items.


Do you offer discount on larger orders?
-- For larger orders (5 or more products) please email us at for a bargain price.  

I don't see the products I need in your catalog. Do you make custom orders?
-- Please email us and we will inform you about the products we have under developing.  

How can I become a MDI dealer?
-- Please email us at and we will be glad to provide you with more information.