MDI Carbon Fiber Lower Side fairing - Belly Pan for BMW S1000RR 2015. Autoclave process. Grade A quality! 

    - All our carbon fiber products are made with an Autoclave process, which uses a Prepreg carbon fiber fabric TORAYCA® PREPREG from Japan.

    Cures at 400 degrees and a pressure of 5Kg/cm. One of the most advanced techniques for making composite components is by using Prepreg carbon fibre reinforcement, cured under heat and pressure to produce professional quality parts with a high quality surface finish, low resin content and excellent structural performance.

    • UV protective coating and hand-polished to a perfect finish.

    • Maximum strength and durability.

    • Quick and easy assembly. Most of our carbon products are direct bolt-on replacement of OEM parts.

    • Lighter and harder than the original

    • 3 months limited warranty


BMW S1000RR 2015 Carbon Fiber Lower Side Fairing panels - Belly pan

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